My Offering

As an industry expert, I can contribute in due diligence assignments, with a focus on technology in various B2C/B2B industry segments (e.g., automotive, semiconductors, healthcare, telecom, process automation, consumer products, finance, retail, cloud services, cybersecurity, digital transformation). This service is not limited to the pre-deal phase, also the provision of value enhancement services during the post-deal and pre-exit phase are included. 

As an R&D consultant, I can help to solve complex problems in any R&D organisation. Examples include defining a strategy with a corresponding roadmap, assessing and restructuring critical projects, streamlining the internal organisation, etc. Reporting is performed in a transparent, evident-based  and straightforward way (linking observations and findings to conclusions and recommendations). The greatest strength is the ability to speak to people at all levels of the organisation and to translate observations and findings into clear conclusions and recommendations for the right audience.

As an entrepreneur, I can help (starting) companies to draw up a business plan, help them find and secure financing and set up their internal organisation (structure, accounting, human resources, product development, etc.). A very pragmatic, no-nonsence and down-to-earth approach, based on own experiences. 

Furthermore, I would like to point out the offer to perform architecture and source code reviews, working together with accredited partners (example: Tiobe Software B.V.).The aim is to determine the degree of technical debt, including identification of hot spots and benchmarking. Furthermore, concrete recommendations are given to gradually reduce or eliminate the technical debt found, tailored to your specific environment and needs.

References available on request