SE-CURE AG offers a variety of services to assess and improve the performance of an R&D organization at departmental and/or project level.

SE-CURE AG Services Dr. Hans Sassenburg

  • Business Case Analysis:  
    • To compare different investment alternatives in monetary units (ROI, Payback Period, NPV, IRR), for instance applicable in the case of exploring multiple sourcing and redesign/refactoring options, the introduction of new technologies, and the adoption of new processes/practices
  • Project Risk Analysis:
    • To quantitatively assess the impact of identified project risks on parameters like schedule, cost and quality using Monte Carlo simulation
  • (Software) Capability Assessment:
    • To assess an R&D organization’s capability (Organization, Product, Process, People, Technology) in quantitative terms and to establish a baseline for comparisons with future analyses
  • Project Feasibility Appraisal:
    • To assess the feasibility of a project plan (Schedule, Cost, Scope, Quality, Risks) with respect to stated project goals
  • FMEA Training and Facilitation:
    • To train and/or facilitate the use of PFMEA/DFMEA hereby reducing the time to conduct FMEA sessions and at the same improving the quality of the final outcome

  • Technical Debt Analysis:
    • To assess the level of technical debit in documentation and code base and express the results in monetary units as the basis for decision-making (status quo, stepwise refactoring/redesign, rebuild)
  • Technology Due Diligence:
    • To assess the (R&D) capability of one or more stakeholders in a merger/acquisition process, providing the necessary inputs to the negotiation/decision-making process
  • Performance Benchmarking:
    • To compare the performance of an organization and/or project (Schedule, Cost, Productivity, Quality) to industry average and best-in-class, using various sources of benchmarking data using various sources of benchmarking data
  • R&D Dashboard Support:
    • To define and implement a balanced dashboard that reflects Key Performance Indicators aligned with stated R&D objectives and allows for pro-active monitoring of R&D performance
  • Ad interim (Project) Management:
    • To temporarily manage a period of transition (restructuring), crisis or change within an organisation; optionally, the role of project manager is taken
Duration of these services typically varies from 1 to 4 weeks.

Feel free to contact us for further inquiries. References of customers are available on request.

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