1. Introduction.

That software engineering is difficult to teach is widely understood and much discussed. Less well understood, and certainly less discussed, is the inverse of this - that software engineering is a particularly difficult subject to learn. More than any other subject in computing, software engineering reveals wide differences in ability leaving a long 'tail' of less able students struggling with basic material. This is particularly serious because, for most graduates in computing, software engineering will form the core of their professional practice. We have concluded that there is a high need in industry to (re-)educate software professionals in basic and advanced software engineering principles.

2. Curriculum Overview.

SE-CURE AG has developed a series of courses addressing challenges software manufacturers are confronted with. Special emphasis is placed on problems encountered in practical settings and possible remedies to reduce or even eliminate risks. The curriculum, existing of 16 courses at 5 different levels, is derived from internationally accepted standard references such as PMBOK, SWEBOK, publicly available work from the SEI, and books from respected authors. The powerful, highly-valued exercises are based on practical experiences from our (senior) instructors. The balance between lectures and exercises is 50/50. You can download our flyer, curriculum overview and career path overview.

Software Engineering curriculum - SE-CURE AG


L0: Zero L1: Foundation L2: Experts L3: Leadership L4: Advanced
-  PSPsm -  Fundamentals of Software Development
-  Fundamentals of Software Maintenance
-  Requirements Engineering
-  Software Architecture
-  Test Engineering
-  Quality Engineering
-  Configuration Management
-  Measurement & Analysis
Agile with Scrum
-  People Management
-  Effective Communication
-  Planning, Budgeting
-  Six Sigma 

3. Partnerships.

SE-CURE AG is interested in partners who are able to market one or more courses in a specific region/market. The partnership model offered is very beneficial to partners and will generate revenues within a very short period of time.
4. University Packages.

Special offerings are available to universities to obtain a license for the materials of one or more courses. The licensed materials include powerpoint slides, classroom exercises with solutions, and multiple-choice questions with solutions.  Annual license fee per student are listed below:

Number of students License fee per student
  1 -   25 $ 40.00
26 -   50 $ 30.00
51 - 100 $ 25.00
more than 100 $ 20.00

Attractive discount rates apply, if multiple courses are licensed.

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