Research and Development efforts are a fundamental component of success in software-intensive industries. But, meeting deadlines and cost targets as well as optimizing R&D efforts at the same time can be challenging and costly in these highly competitive, ever-changing markets.

SE-CURE AG specializes in providing our clients valuable R&D consulting services designed to enhance R&D development and maintenance operations, increase and expedite performance, and promote long-term, sustainable profitability.


Since its start in 2001, SE-CURE AG has been able to satisfy clients worldwide. Deep understanding of our clients and the markets in which they operate, combined with a transparent and pragmatic focus on results, has made SE-CURE AG the preferred advisor to many senior R&D executives.

SE-CURE AG is in constant search of challenging assignments, giving you tangible results within a limited timeframe. Our consultants move fast, and produce tangible, high-quality results. Common skillls are:
  • Ability to understand a complex situation fast, identify root causes that undermine performance and propose/implement pragmatic remedies;
  • Ability to develop a trusting relationship with people at different organizational levels (from management to engineering level);
  • Excellent spoken and written communication skills.

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